Welcome to the pristine Botswana



You are looking for real adventure and you love challenges…

You want to go on holidays to Botswana, but appreciate help with the organization of your journey…

Or you don’t have the time or possibilities to arrange everything yourself...

Then discover Botswana together with us!


Botswana is wild. A good preparation and a decent planning are therefore required. That is where Explore Botswana comes into the picture. Explore Botswana arranges complete holiday packages in Botswana. This concerns 4WD car rental, airport transfers, booking of campsites and accommodations including a complete route description in case of a 4WD self drive trip. Have a look at the possible itineraries, a
lso for specific requests you can contact us. Our team is available to you!

It is a country with stunning nature. The national parks of Botswana have an enormous diversity, from a huge delta landscape till the dry Kalahari desert. This brings all sorts of wildlife, more than is possible to imagine.

Botswana is adventurous and a self-drive holiday can almost be seen as an expedition. It is perfectly suitable for travellers who do not fear to drive in a 4x4 on rough and exciting roads. When choosing for (partly) camping, the nights will be spend at the most unique places. Do not be suprised when elephants and hyena’s walk across the campsite!

When choosing for more luxury, other ways of travelling can be arranged, for example a fly-inn safari. There is no need to be afraid to miss the wonderful nature or adventure when choosing for luxury. The luxury lodges have a great atmosphere to offer and are often located in the most beautiful places.

Whether you are camping or staying in an accommodation, it will be a holiday never to forget.